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Sophia Solomonson has innate shamanic gifts she has fine tuned in Song of Sophia

Living School of Divine Nature~over the past four years. 

Her mission is to liberate Humanity back to their original state of joy and health.

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Angelica infused massage nurtures grounding. Session begins with angelica smoke purification. Followed with angelica infused oil massage. Selenite is incorporated for further grounding and purification support.

Rosemary infused massage for 
invigoration. We begin with rosemary
smoke purification. Massage includes rosemary oil.
Rosemary ignites creativity.


Rose attunement. Awaken your Divine Feminine. We 
begin with rose tea. Then you receive rose brushing to
open your subtle bodies of delight. Followed by a 
rhythmic gentle massage with rose oil. 


Womb massage. For women only. Soft holds and touch will create 
physical and emotional movement. This could be joy or sorrow. All is welcome. Be held in 
golden light through the caverns of your womb. We begin and end this session with purifications.


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