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Bodywork by Sophia

Compassionate Healing Touch for All Bodies

Sophia specializes in therapeutic / deep tissue massage, prenatal maternity, shamanic balancing and spiritual purification, and specialization massage for complex athletic or injured bodies.


Sophia listens to the body and spirit of her clients. Each session is a combination of modalities, personalized uniquely for her client, to offer renewal and rejuvenation.

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Exquisite Bodywork
Sophia Solomonson

The Full Story

Sophia has 18 years of experience in shamanic studies and bodywork practices. This includes being knowledgeable about the body through a scientific lens as well as an esoteric lens. Sophia is always learning through observation of human behavior and its bodily consequences, in yoga studios, in the massage therapy community, and in her shamanic studies.


Sophia most recently has acquired an internal apothecary of plant allies through Song of Sophia School. This means she works with plants that have become a part of her, to bring a person to a better state of wellness. The plants dance on Sophia’s Rainbow Light Pillar to bring depth and delight to her work. Sophia is a Divine channel and brings an essence of unconditional Love to her sessions. This leaves clients with reprieve from the harshness of their Earthly duties. Sophia uses her shamanic abilities to purge clients' stress in real time. She does this as a service to Humanity. 

Sophia Solomonson offers a reflection of Divine Comedy to bring truth and levity to the heaviness of the mental distortion of the modern World. This provides an environment of light and cheery affect on even the darkest of days. Her ability to walk comfortably in the Light and Dark realms allows her work to be light yet deep, gentle and strong, neutral yet transformative, all at the same time. This is transcendent work that offers a break from the third dimension. Sophia has combined all of her gifts and skills to offer Shamanic Massage! 

Bodywork by Sophia Services

We All Came Here to Heal

Bodywork sessions with Sophia have light stretching of the limbs, various pressures and strokes, and purifications. Your issues in your tissues are addressed while being held in a spiritual lightness.

Back Massage


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Prenatal Massage

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Specialized Bodywork

60, 75, 90, or 120 minute massages

Optional Himalayan hot stones add-on

Bodywork for Pregnant Women

Specialized massages for the expecting woman. Designed to relax mother and child.

Cleansing & Clearing

Purifications address subtle bodies through sound, smoke, or light of plant frequency.

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Services by Appointment Only

Serving the Metro Detroit area

in office and at your home

Center Peace Office

2609 Crooks Rd, Troy MI

At-home visits are $50 additional and include a comfortable massage table with fresh sheets, organic botanical oils,  and refreshing rosewater spray

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